Prices List for Vaccines & Medicines

Competitive Prices for Vaccines and Medicines

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Vaccines that vaccines companies have limited or no supply of (so please check with us for availability before booking):

  • Hepatitis B – stock for Hepatitis A & B combined for adults available as an alternative, restrictions may apply


We offer a full range of vaccines and medicines as well as blood tests to check for immunity/infection. See below for our price list:


Cost Per Dose

Chicken Pox (Varicella) (course of 2) £80 each
Cholera – (oral, course of 2) £60 each
Diphtheria, Tetanus and Polio £39
Cervical cancer/HPV (4 types) £150 each
New Cervical cancer/HPV (9 types) £225 each
Hepatitis A (Adult) £60
Hepatitis A (Junior) £50
Hepatitis B (course of 3) £60 each – out of stock
Hepatitis A & B combined £95 each – adults only
Japanese Encephalitis (course of 2) £110 each
Measles, Mumps, Rubella £70
Meningitis ACWY £65*
Meningitis B (dosage dependent on age) £150 each
Rabies (course of 3) £80 each
Rotavirus Vaccine £70 – unavailable
Shingles Vaccine £225 – available upon request, based on stock availability
Tick-borne encephalitis (course of 2) £69 each
Typhoid Fever £50
Yellow Fever £54*
Vitamin B12 injection £70

Blood Tests for Infection/Immunity


 Hepatitis A, B & C status £375
 Hepatitis B Immunity Test £125
 Hepatitis B Infection Test £160
 Hepatitis C Antibodies £150
 MMR Immunity Status £275
Varicella Immunity Test £165

*A vaccination certificate is an additional cost of £10. Exemption certificates are £20.

Please note prices may be subject to change as the cost of vaccines from vaccine companies vary based on their availability.

Price may be subject to change. If you are having a course of doses for a vaccine and the costs changes before you have completed the course, we may honour the prices of vaccines for a reasonable period of time if you have already started a course with us and are having more doses. This is not applicable for booster doses (e.g. if they are a year, or a number of months, after the initial course, like Meningitis B for example).

¹Free travel health advice applies when you pay for at least one vaccine (consultation fee of £50 applies if you do not have any vaccines)

Anti-Malarial Tablets


Adult Antimalarials (box of 12 tablets) £35
Paediatric Antimalarials (12 tablets) £25