Getting a medical at Park Private Clinic is quick and easy. We perform the following medicals:

Our cheap price of £65 for our Group 2 enables drivers to renew their current license or apply for a new one.

All medicals are performed by our experienced doctor so you know you are in safe hands.

Norwegian medicals DVLA medicalsOGUK medicals

What do I need for medicals?

  • Photo ID (passport or driving license).
  • Your General Practitioner’s (GP’s) details.
  • A prescription of any medications that you may be taking.
  • Prescription glasses if you wear them.
  • Your application form*.
  • You will also need to give a urine sample on the day, this will be done at the clinic.


*We can supply you with a form (specifically for offshore medicals), A D4 – Medical Examination Report can be downloaded from the DVLA website