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3D-Lipo / 3D-Ultimate and 3D-Skintech are revolutionary non-surgical treatments. We use an ultimate combination of advanced technologies offer a complete, bespoke and prescriptive approach for your specific needs. Whether that is body contouring or skin problems, we can prescribe the best treatments for you from our initial assessment.

  • During a consultation, we will carry out an assessment to identify your problem areas and prescribe a unique treatment plan.
  • Clinic located in Nottingham city centre.
  • At Park Laser & Aesthetics Clinic, we are using the more advanced 3D-Lipo machine: 3D-Ultimate
  • Results can be permanent as long you maintain a healthy lifestyle!
  • Due to NO down time, you are able to resume your daily routine after treatments.
  • As a result of the amazing outcome, 3D-Lipo have made national headlines. Many celebrities are raving about these treatments!
  • And above all, no anaesthetics needed due to it being a pain free treatment!

Can’t get rid of those stubborn pockets of fat or cellulite with regular diet and exercising? Or are you left with loose skin after your weight loss?

Then 3D-Lipo is for you. Where you will see the amazing results from the first session.

A revolutionary treatment for:

  • Body contouring
  • Fat removal,
  • Body sculpting,
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Skin tightening

Suitable treatments for the face AND body!

More information on 3D-Lipo treatments can be found here.

3D-Lipo / 3D-Ultimate3D-Skintech

*3D-Ultimate Consultations are £30. We then deduct this cost from your treatment price!